Clarke, Simon: A Basic Income for Russia?, 28.05.08


The idea of a basic or citizens’ income rests on the principle that everyone is entitled to the resources which make possible at least a minimum standard of subsistence. This principle is well-established in those countries, particularly in Europe, with a developed welfare state tradition, although its implementation, even in those countries, is surrounded by qualifications centered on the obligation of able-bodied citizens to work and the restriction of public assistance to those who can prove their need for support, which are monitored by an enormous inhuman and incompetent bureaucratic apparatus of inspection, regulation and control. Moreover, the solidaristic welfare tradition is being eroded by individualistic approaches to welfare provision based on compulsory or voluntary, state or private insurance principles.

Armut im 19. Jahrhundert. Über ’Mémoires sur le paupérisme’ Von Alexis de Tocqueville

Besprochenvon Michael Tillmann

  • TOCQUEVILLE, Alexis de: Mémoire sur le paupérisme. Éditions Allia, Paris 1999 [dt. Das Elend der Armut. über den Pauperismus, Berlin, Avinus Verlag, 2007, übers. von Michael Tillmann, ISBN 978-3-930064-75-5].